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Ayurveda Immunization for Children

Ayurveda Immunization for Children:

Millions of rupees have been spending for making society healthy from our government and also international organization like WHO also spend for millions of dollars for it. For making awareness of health all organizations spending so huge budget for medical camps, for medical aids, education, seminars, campaigns and also compulsory vaccination. When we make attention on the result and on efforts, the result seems nearby zero. Although, the result of strong campaign we can see the awareness of physical health in urban society. But we never think over the mental and spiritual health of the Society.

The principles of vaccine (improving immunity) were described in Ayurveda thousand years ago. If our body has sufficient immunity not a single infection or epidemic can affect us. Therefore, Ayurveda gifted us Suvarnaprashan to improve immunity of Child. ‘Suvarna’ means ‘Gold’ and ‘Prashan’ means ‘to lick’. Licking of Gold towards a child from birth to childhood mean up to twelve years called as ‘Suvarnaprashan’. Swarna Prashana is explained as an activity which has to be done immediately after birth. A strong foundation for proper growth and development of the body has to be set during the prenatal stage as well as during the Balya Avastha. To have optimum growth, development and a strong body which can also sustain well during the later part (Haani period and Vrudha Avastha) of life, it is essential to lay a strong foundation during the formative years of life. Swarna Prashana hence has to be started at 0 years i.e immediately after birth and can be continued up to the age of 16 years.

Benefits of Swarna Prashana:

Improves intelligence, digestive fire and physical power.
Increases immunity and hence reduces frequent recurring infections and illnesses.
Improves span of attention, concentration, memory.
Enhances a child’s learning ability and grasping power.
Reduces temper tantrums and other psycho somatic problems
Detoxifies the body.
Tone ups the skin.
Good sense of hearing, speech & visual acuity.
Improves the blood circulation.
Stimulates the nervous system.
Controls asthma and other allergic conditions.
Helps to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Ingredients of Swarna Prashana Drops

The ingredients used are essentially Swarna Bhasma, Cow Ghee and Honey. Other herbs which enhance memory may also be used along with these three basic ingredients. Some of the herbs that can be used are Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Guduchi Satva (Tinospora cordifolia), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).

Kaya Seka:

Kaya Seka or Sarvanga Dhara or Pizhichil is a special treatment procedure followed by traditional vaidyas (physicians) of Kerala. The word Pizhichil in Malayalam language literally means “squeezing”. Here the whole body is bathed in streams of lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage. This Ayurveda’s Royal Treatment is famously called as the “treatment for aristocrats”, because the treatment was especially offered to the kings in ancient times.
In this treatment, the cloths are soaked in warm medicated oil and then squeezed on to the person’s body from a height, so that oil flows in a continuous single stream along the thumb, in a downward direction. The pieces of cloth are periodically soaked in a vessel containing warm oil. Gentle massage is given following the path of the oil stream. Trained therapists under the supervision of a physician perform the treatment. The patient should be made to adopt the seven standard positions, so that no area of the body is left uncovered. After the completion of the procedure, the person is made to take rest, by covering the body with a thick blanket for 30 minutes, before taking a bath in hot water.
Duration of the treatment: 45 minutes

• Relieves body pain and muscle spasms
• Helps in healing bone injuries
• Increases immunity and prolongs life span
• Promotes normal development of muscle mass
• Improves skin complexion
• Has anti-aging treatment
• Improves blood circulation
• Very soothing , relaxing and rejuvenating treatment
It is very effective in the following conditions:
• Neurological disorders
• Ankylosing spondilitis
• Burning sensation all over the body
• Nervous weakness
• Sexual weakness
• Rheumatic diseases
• Arthritis
• Paralysis (Hemiplegia and paraplegia)
• Parkinson s disease

Netra Tarpana

This procedure is popularly called as kriyakalpa for eye diseases in Ayurveda. Kriyakalpa literally means treatment. Akshitarpana is an eye care treatment and rejuvenation program in Ayurveda. This is ideally prescribed after a course of a body detox program preferably, Virechana (therapeutic purgation) and a course of Nasyam (nasal instillation of medicated drops).
• The person is made to lie down over back on the Droni (massage table)
• The dough ring prepared out of blackgram is applied around the eyeball
• The dosha specific medicated ghee is made lukewarm (around 27 degree Celsius)
• The ghee is poured into the cavity with the eyes closed,till it covers the eyelashes.
• The person is instructed to blink the eyes
• At the end of the procedure the ghee and the ring are removed; eyes are wiped with cotton swab
• The person is made to sniff the medicated smoke with closed eyes
• He is advised to avoid bright light soon after the procedure

Duration of the treatment: 30 minutes
• Balances Vata and pitta doshas.
• Improves the vision
• Removes dark circles under the eyes.
• Revitalizes and rejuvenates tired, dry , rough and injured eyes
• Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes
• Eye strain due to constant glaring of the computer or television screen; eye strain due to precision job like jewellery designing; long distance drive
• Prevents formation of cataract
• Burning in the eyes
• Dry eye syndrome
• Chronic Conjunctivitis
• Pain in the eyes
• Watering and cloudiness of the eyes
• Night Blindness
• Corneal ulcers
• Squinting
• Refractive errors of the eyes.
• Early stages of retinitis pigmentosa
• Early stages of retinopathy
• Ptosis

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